How to Make an Origami Ashtray

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How many times in life has the blunt or joint come your way and you can see that the ash is just about to drop off the tip of that piece…

I know this has happened to me so many times and while yes, sometimes there is an ashtray but lots of times there just isn’t! This is a challenge I have encountered so many times.

This is why I wanted to create the tinfoil origami ashtray so no matter where you are or what you are doing you can easily make an origami ashtray for all you smokers that like to keep it clean.

The origami ashtray is simple to make and if you don’t have tinfoil it will still work but I recommend the tinfoil to keep it safe. When was the last time you made an ashtray? I know I haven’t done this since maybe high school where we were making origami boxes.

Get your smoke on anywhere you are and always be ready!



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