Kermit The Frog voice Trolling on Call of Duty is back again! In today’s video Kermit the Frog has sex with a mom on Call of duty. Its Voice Trolling time with Kermit the Frog who runs into an entire lobby of stoners on Black Ops 2 who are high as hell! Best in Class helps me Voice Troll them in Call of Duty with his Mom Abusing Child voice and pretends to have the Mom having sex with Kermit and after she turns in the Mom abusing Child and goes home to beat his ass afterwards. It was a hilarious lobby and I enjoyed messing with these potheads.

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Mom ABUSES Youtuber with a Kermit the Frog Voice Changer! (Black Ops 2 Voice Trolling) :

Voice Trolling in Black Ops 2! (Ownage Pranks vs Racist on Xbox Live Part 1) :

Black Ops 2 Voice Trolling! (Ownage Pranks Vs Racist on Xbox Live Part 2) :

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