BOULDER, Colorado, July 31, 2017 – The highly acclaimed Colorado-based progressive bluegrass band, Yonder Mountain String Band, has nominated The Farm dispensary, voted Boulder, Colorado’s #1 recreational dispensary, to release their first-ever craft cannabis strain. Yonder will be conducting a naming contest with their fan base to come up with a name for this unique Sativa-dominant hybrid.

yonder mountain string band marijuana cannabis coloradoThe Farm has been developing its most innovative craft cannabis strains to date under a new label – The Farm Genetics. Bred in-house with a focus on the complete cannabis experience, The Farm’s genetic artisans have crafted exceptional strains that express the full genetic potential each plant offers.

“Artfully selected from our most outstanding cultivars, our newest flower line features unique cannabinoid ratios, desirable flavor and aroma profiles, and exotic, potent effects,” says Carter Casad, head of R&D at The Farm Genetics. “Combining the best qualities from two of our top strains—award-winning Alpha Blue and the incredibly potent Ghost Trainwreck Haze #9—we created our Yonder Mountain String Band strain. With a flavor reminiscent of a sunny pine forest on a Colorado bluebird day, mixed with a hint of tart blueberries, we’re sure this one will be a Farm and Yonder fan favorite. The energetic, motivating effects and piney flavor from GTH #9 are nicely balanced by Alpha Blue’s euphoric Sativa high and sweet fruit flavors. The result is an extremely uplifting, soaring Sativa high that pairs well with the dance floor or your favorite summer hiking trail.”

Yonder’s craft cannabis strain naming contest will take place on the band’s Facebook page and run from Monday, July 31 to Monday, August 7th, 2017. Two winners will be announced on Monday, the 7th—the first-place winner and a runner-up. Both winners will receive a pair of tickets to the upcoming Yonder concert at Red Rocks on August 19th, 2017, in support of their latest release entitled “Love. Ain’t Love.”