Most people who routinely smoke blunts will tell you that a good movie and a quality array of snacks is a must. Chances are, most of those people won’t reach for a jar of olives seasoned with a myriad of spices as their top option. That’s because most of those people aren’t G Herbo. “It’s good as fuck, bro,” he swears.“It’s like a…snack.”

Is this dude high? Well, yeah. Welcome to “Smoke a Blunt.”

As the latest to be featured on Mass Appeal’s new video franchise, which continues to receive high praise, Chicago rapper G Herbo—fresh off his Humble Beast tour—sparks up to kick knowledge on post-blunt paranoia, Ben Affleck and Gone Girl, and those delicious… olives.

“Honestly bro, I smoke like a zip a day,” claims Herbo between tokes. “Too much liquor, too much lean. I’d rather just smoke weed.”


Elsewhere in the video—which is adorned with potent graphics to help bring Herbo’s hazy narrative to light—the Chitown spitter breaks down why herb keeps him sharp. “I just sit back, smoke and think,” he says.“I’m a thinker too, bro. In all actuality, I think weed puts you on point. And it boosts your attention span. It makes you pay attention to more stuff, that’s why you feel like you’re paranoid.”

Spark a fatty with G Herbo above.
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