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This week: Marijuana delays, Marijuana Millions and Hemp goes gaga.

Marijuana delays hit the newest markets in both Florida and Illinois.

In Florida, NEWS 10 reports: a workshop was held by the Office of Compassionate Use Director Patricia Nelson. Currently blocked by administrative ruling, Florida’s Charlotte’s Web Law, has been delayed since Nov. 2014. Judge W. David Watkins objected to the Department of Health’s proposed use of a lottery to pick the licensees.

Tuesday’s workshop met with both favor and some fury. With 5 State licenses at stake and potentially millions of patients, a tit for tat between the Florida Courts, the Gov. office, and Florida entrepreneurs has begun. This is the sausage making. It might be ugly.

Speakers urged Nelson to allow operators to have multiple retail locations instead of a dispensing site located on the same premises as the nursery.

In Illinois, STILL NO DECISION on Licenses to grow and sell.

Looks like medical marijuana in the land of Lincoln will start with delays. State regulators reported that they are still doing a “comprehensive review” of cultivation and dispensary applications to “insure the most qualified.”

The Illinois MMJ program has been shrouded in a cloth of secrecy and a point system that is as vague as it is costly. With only 21 cultivation centers and 60 dispensaries available, this is one of the most regulated marijuana markets in the USA, with patients having to pass a background check and operators playing points to win a chance at making history.

Marijuana Millions and Hemp?

Hemp growers across the Pikes Peak region say the industry is ready for expansion.

Colorado legalized hemp production with the passage in 2012 of Amendment 64, and the 2014 federal Farm Bill allowed states to study the growth and cultivation of industrial hemp.

Entrepreneurs in Colorado are creating a new industry with hemp hearts, hemp seeds, hemp coffee, insulation, fiber, rope and supplements.

Colorado Department of Agriculture reports 131 registrants and 259 grow sites with over 1,800 acres.

How big is hemp in the USA? Retail sales of imported hemp-based products in 2012 had an estimated valude of over $500M, according to the Hemp Industries Association.

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