All Ray wanted was another season for his hit TV Show, The Good House on HGTV™… Everything changed, however, when he was offered a position on Nice Media, LLC’s Bunchies ® PipeHitters Reboot.

A Narcotic Novice, Ray had much to learn on the subject of smoking Good Grass. Will an open mind and good attitude be enough, as he dives into the deep chasm of weed culture? Peep our new Pipehitters Docu-Drama, and see for yourself, Dude…

Stink a Bwink. Scorch a Roarch. Do weed that does you. And Stink Different. This program brought to you by Gilead-Amgen MuyCanno BiggWede… Are you loving it yet?

T A X I T N O W. L E G A L O R N O T, I T M U S T B E T A X E D. T A X T H E W E E D T O P L E A S E M E.

SMOKE THAT DOOKIE UP, NAO!!! Now you’re looking at a seagull… AND NOW YOURE LOOKING AT ME, AAAAAHHHHHHH!!! Smoke Crest ® FreshZest™ FunTube, it makes you feel like a beard… riding a motorcycle…. CHOPPING WOOD IN THE ANDES. On a Jetski. AMERICAAAA, FUCK YEAH!!!!! Yeah. We went there. Arby’s. We have the jokes.

Like what you see? Then pull over and let Regeneron™’s Certified Gold ® Purity Inspection & Strain Specialist McDEAAgents into your car for semi-voluntary Weed Quality Analysis Assessments. Friends dont let friends smoke Bammer-Ass, off-brand uncertified weed strains. So let us into your lives. Regeneron–for a future that smells good, for once.