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The New York State Department of Health expands its medical marijuana program. This expansion will improve patient access, authorize nurse practitioners to certify patients for the program, permit home delivery services, institute a fee waiver for patients with limited funds and update the state’s data management system. The department is also considering adding chronic intractable pain to the list of qualifying conditions. According to the Commissioner of Health for New York, Howard Zucker, the state’s medical marijuana program has rapidly progressed, certifying more than 7,000 patients and registering more than 675 physicians in the first seven months. He states, “We are constantly evaluating the program to make it more effective for patients and practitioners and believe that the implementation of these recommendations will do just that.”

According to the Cannabist, one of two potential citywide initiatives aimed to allowing social use for marijuana failed to make its presence in this upcoming ballot. This means voters will not get a chance to vote on allowing private marijuana clubs in November’s election. The Denver Norml chapter turned in more than 7,500 signatures but only 2,987 were verified eligible. Turns out, the rest of the signatures were from voters registered outside Denver County or from people who weren’t registered voters. Jordan Person, Denver Norml’s chapter director, said she was surprised by the number of rejected signatures for the group’s private club initiative. The latter measure called the Neighborhood-Supported Cannabis Consumption Initiative, is still having its petition signatures verified and should be completed by next week.

Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel announced that Israel will begin exporting medical marijuana overseas. This comes weeks after the government tries to make medical cannabis more easily accessible to patients in Israel. According to Times of Israel, the government plans to ease restrictions on growing medical marijuana and make it available to over 23,000 patients in the country. In recent months, the Justice Ministry began exploring the possibility to decriminalize marijuana. The new guidelines eliminates limits on the number of approved growers, doctors and local pharmacies who are licensed to carry and distribute medical marijuana. A report in Cannabis earlier this year states that the bill would potentially decriminalize possession of up to 15 grams of cannabis for anyone over 21. Those caught in their home with a personal amount would pay a fine of only $78 dollars while those caught in public would be fined $390 dollars.


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