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Oregon Businesses Want A Delay
Oregon marijuana businesses fear that the state’s new testing rules are holding back their products from the market and jeopardizing their businesses. The state has 18 accredited and approved labs for marijuana. Only 4 are approved to test for pesticides which, according to Oregon Live, is a hallmark of the state’s marijuana regulation. Officials from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, the agency overseeing the state’s regulated recreational marijuana industry, held a meeting last week with industry representatives for advice on technical aspects of the rules and how they affect the market. According to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission executive director, Steven Marks, the board wants to sort fact from fiction.

Kush Bottles Partners With Bud Bar
Kush Bottles, America’s premier supplier of packaging and branding solutions for the marijuana industry, is now an authorized reseller of Bud Bar Displays, a line of premium cannabis display jars utilized by cannabis dispensaries. Premium Bud Bar Displays offers a high-end solution for cannabis retail merchandising and a variety of options such as microscopic lens for magnified viewing. These jars meet regulations in many states including Washington which has the strictest cannabis display regulations in the nation. Kush Bottles seized the opportunity to utilize their distribution network to sell Bed Bar Displays to its customer base. Nick Kovaceich, Co-Founder of Kush Bottles, states, “We continue to survey our industry to determine market demands and identify product lines that are poised to succeed. Bud Bar Displays will fill a gap in our product portfolio and will give us one more item to sell to our growing customer base.”

San Jose Now Delivers!
San Jose City Council passed an ordinance amending the San Jose Municipal Code which allows the city’s register collectives to have delivery services, two cultivation facilities and one dispensing-only location. Under the current program, cultivation is only allowed at an offsite location in San Jose or a neighboring county and must be closed off to the public. Collectives can also cultivate at a second location in any county across the state where it is permitted by the council. According to ABC7News, San Jose is the only city in the county that allows medical marijuana. As for deliver services, collectives can deliver to patients and caregivers 21 and older between 8am and midnight. The deliverers must be working for a collective, undergo a background check and submit to vehicle inspections by San Jose police.


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