UK Weedtubers, Strain Cainers take you on a journey to one of their favorite places on earth…Amsterdam.

Full of Coffeeshops that are full of Weed. Our two professional potheads are like fat children in a massive sweet factory.

Join our two Essex Stoners as they guide you through a tour of cannabis strains, hashish, space cakes and Amsterdam coffee shops with a mission checklist and one main goal to acheive….MOONROCKS FOR BREAKFAST.

Strain Cainers were well and truly gutted they missed out on Moonrocks during their last visit to Amsterdam. This time our Weed Wizard and Pot Pundit will be ready. They will locate and smoke the famous Moonrocks in Amsterdam.

What are moonrocks like? Are moonrocks worth it? Where in Amsterdam can you find moonrocks?

Find out all of lifes questions by watching this video.

Coffeeshops featured in this video (Loads never made it in the final cut šŸ™ )

Barneys Coffeeshop

Grey Area



1e Hulp

Cannabis Strains Smoked

Cookies Kush

Pinaple Chunk

Liberty Haze

G13 Haze

Tangerine Dream


Grey Haze

Strawberry Banana

Silver Bubble

Pure Kush

LA Confidential

NYC Diesel

Kandy Kush Ice Cream (Hash)


Dr Greenspoon

Pollen (Hash)

Afghan (hash)


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