All the legal marijuana news and headlines for Friday, June 1, 2018.

Headlines of the day
// Africa’s First Medical Marijuana Dispensary is About to Open in Durban (Herb)

// Bill Nelson: Allow smokable medical marijuana in Florida (Tampa Bay Times)

// World’s First Cannabis Bank Advances in California (Leafly)

// Medicinal cannabis use can help mitigate symptoms of PTSD, study says (Globe and Mail)

// Possible Massachusetts recreational marijuana license delay shouldn’t slow sales launch (Marijuana Business Daily)

// Major Canadian bank expands focus on marijuana sector (Marijuana Business Daily)

// Bill would pit medical marijuana against opioids (Daily Gazette)

// A Exclusive Interview With John Chiang (

// Cannabis Sponsors Half of Colorado’s Adopt-a-Highway Signs (Leafly)

// This Startup Incubator Helps Drug War Survivors Build Cannabis Companies (Leafly)

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