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CBD Works Differently Than THC, Here’s How

THC's lesser known non-hallucinogenic counterpart, CBD, might be the future of medicine. How exactly does it work? Is Marijuana Addictive? - Sign Up For The Seeker Newsletter Here - Get 15% off domain names and web hosting when you use coupon code SEEKER at checkout! Read More: Cannabis-Based Medicine Dramatically Reduces Epileptic…
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Chuck Schumer on Cannabis Legalization & The Marijuana Opportunity & Freedom Act | Op-Ed | NowThis

We're closer to cannabis legalization than you think — and this bill (called The Marijuana Opportunity and Freedom Act) could help us get there. » Subscribe to NowThis: Connect with NowThis » Like us on Facebook: » Tweet us on Twitter: » Follow us on Instagram: » Find us on Snapchat…
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Cannabis News – The Latest from Maine | Ep. 179 | 7-12-2018

Joe Klare discusses medical marijuana news from Maine and Florida and delves into the DEA's list of slang terms for cannabis. 07-12-2018 - Ep. 179 | Marijuana Times Follow us: