Ayyy, welcome to the new variety show that talks about everything from art, to music and pop culture, and gives you the download on what’s happening in the cannabis industry.

So spark that spliff, roll that blunt, load that bowl…This is SESSIONS with Katie Ann Martin bringing you entertainment and cannaculture from PuffPuffPassIt.

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In this SECOND and very special episode, your host Katie Ann is joined by Daze (@iamdaze_) from Miami. Together they taste-test a range of different weed strains and talk about what makes a superior bud.

Chapter 1 0:37 – Bongineering 101! Making a Pineapple Bong!

Chapter 2 4:03 – Strain Talk! All about top shelf marijuana!

Chapter 3 10:50 – Katie Ann reacts to Weed Fails!

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